Tim Peake And Scott Kelly Capture Stunning Aurora Picture In ISS Photography 'Masterclass'

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has given Tim Peake a 'photography masterclass' aboard the International Space Station resulting in this absolute stunner of a picture.

The station's commander has a long history of taking some pretty extraordinary pictures during his tenure aboard the station and it now looks as though his preparing to hand over the mantle to our very own Major Tim Peake.

Using a Nikon D4 SLR, Kelly and Peake were able to perfectly capture the stunning light show that is planet Earth's aurora from space.

While beautiful to look at, aurora are a significant side-effect of an astronomical phenomenon that can play havoc with society back home.

"Aurora are one effect of such energetic particles, which can speed out from the sun both in a steady stream called the solar wind and due to giant eruptions known as coronal mass ejections or CMEs."