Apple iPhone Update iOS 9.2.1 Fixes Vital Security Flaw From 2013

Look, we know iPhone updates aren't exactly the sexiest topic when it comes to technology but in terms of personal security, this new one is a biggie.

You may have seen your iPhone or iPad prompt you to update your software to iOS 9.2.1. A small thing and judging by the incremental nature of it, almost certainly something many of us will simply dismiss.

That would be a mistake however as iOS 9.2.1 is far more important than its humble description suggests.


The update provides a fix to a security bug that was first discovered in 2013. The flaw would allow hackers to steal credit card information or passwords by creating a malicious WiFi network and then forcing people to sign in (as you would on the tube or the pub) through a landing page.

Along with this fix the new security-focused update deals with a number of flaws that were discovered by Google's 'Project Zero' bug team.

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