Video Of 'UFO Chased By Military-Style Jets' Divides Alien Fans

Alien Fans Are Losing It Over A 'UFO' Being Chased By Military-Style Jets

A video showing a reported UFO being chased by an aircraft is dividing alien fans on the internet.

Images of the intriguing event were posted on the SecureTeam10 YouTubechannel, dedicated to observing "the many mysteries of our universe."

The pictures were reportedly taken in Bulgaria, where several "witnesses" saw the object "suddenly change its location" Portal 12, a local website, reported.

Scott C Waring, editor of website UFO Sightings Daily wrote on his website:

"The UFO seems to not be in any kind of hurry to move and and the jet seems like its only there to identify the craft to those back at base.

"I don't think any military will risk deliberately shooting at an alien craft."

However, skeptics pointed out that even if the object was a genuine UFO and not a photoshopped blip, the military were unlikely to be chasing it.

If you need more convincing here are a few of the images received:

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