Brazil Dashcam Footage Shows Passenger Being Flung Into The Air From Rolling Truck

Dashcam Footage Shows Insane Moment Passenger Survives Truck Somersault

A dashboard camera has captured the miraculous moment that a passenger escaped and survived after being flung into the air by a rollaway truck.

The dramatic footage shows the man, who was sitting in the front-seat, somersaulting into the air and landing on the ground as the vehicle crashes across the road.

As the truck stops moving another man can be seen crawling out of the remains of the wreck, presumably going to help the ejected passenger.

The man can be seen in a red shirt, flying out of the truck

The footage has a time stamp which suggests it was recorded on 17 January, and some reports claim it was filmed near the southern city of Jatai, Brazil.

According to the Daily Telegraph the man driving the vehicle that lost control was made to take a breath test after being taken from the scene by police.

The man who was flung into the air is reported to have suffered broken bones, but relatives have said his life is not in danger.

The incredible scenes were recorded by Humberto de Oliveira who was traveling down the same road as the collision, and recorded the footage from a camera attached to his dashboard.


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