'Inspirational Leader' And England Manager Roy Hodgson Receives Honorary Degree

England football team manager Roy Hodgson today received an honorary degree by the University of York to mark his 40-year contribution to football management.

Hodgson, who has managed sixteen different teams in eight countries and has taken England to this summer's European Championships in France.

Roy Hodgson honorary degree

Roy Hodgson honorary degree

The Press Association reported that Mr Hodgson told an audience of graduates "If there's one thing I would say to you, and it's something we try to preach to our football players, have no fear. You have got to believe in yourself.

"Be prepared to take chances because the worst that could happen is you might have to accept that it didn't work out, this challenge you took, and you have to go back to the drawing board and wait for the next chance to come along. I've been very lucky in my career because it took me to different places."

Grace Clarke, sport president of the University of York Student Union called Roy Hodgson an 'inspirational leader' and said he was an 'advocate of positive change'.

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