22/01/2016 11:01 GMT | Updated 22/01/2016 11:59 GMT

Michigan Lighthouses Covered In Ice Reveals The Picturesque Beauty Of A Wintery Blast

Lighthouses on the shores of Michigan were turned into 30-feet tall icicles after temperatures plunged to -5 degrees earlier this week. These remarkable images taken by photographer Mike Kline show icy formations hanging off the structures, which are caused by waves crashing against the buildings and nearby piers.

“The conditions have to be right for the ice to form on the lighthouses,” said Kline. "Temperatures have to be below freezing, and the water along the pier has to be open. Then there needs to be wind and waves to allow for the spray of the waves to coat the pier and structures. As each thin layer of ice forms, it gradually builds up to the point of majestic ice formations.”

Michigan, a midwestern state bordering four of the Great Lakes, boasts more than 100 lighthouses. On Friday, the eastern seaboard braced for a blizzard, which is expected to dump more than 2ft of snow on Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

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