SAS Flight From London To Stockholm Hit By 'Twitter Bomb Threat', Diverts To Gothenburg, Sweden

'Twitter Bomb Threat' Forces Heathrow Plane To Divert Journey

An airliner has had to abandon its Heathrow to Stockholm journey due to a bomb threat apparently made on Twitter.

The SAS 737-683 plane diverted to Gothenberg, Sweden at around 8.30am. The passengers are currently in the airport being debriefed.

Passenger Sam Barrett said the crew told passengers the diversion was due to "technical reasons".

He tweeted a picture of the plane being evacuated and the passengers on the ground in Gothenberg.

According to Flight Radar, the plane took off shortly before 7am. Mr Barrett said there were around 80 passengers on board. The capacity of twin-engined Boeing 737-683 is 120.

A spokeswoman for the airline told The Huffington Post UK she believed the threat was made on Twitter.

She said: "I haven't seen it so I can't really confirm it but apparently it was by Twitter."

She said the authorities in Gothenberg would deal with the plane while the airline would try to get the passengers on another aircraft to complete their journey.

Passengers received compensation vouchers, which bluntly gave the reason for them as "BOMB".


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