Move With Hart: Kevin Hart Kicks Off Running World Tour

Hollywood actor and funnyman Kevin Hart ran through the streets of London yesterday as he was joined by a cast of hundreds.

Hart, who's in the UK promoting his 'What Now?' tour, has teamed up with Nike and has set himself the challenge of running 5k in 15 countries in 2016.

It all kicked off in London on Sunday with the actor pounding the streets of Battersea for the start of his challenge.

Kevin Hart said "I wanted to connect with my fans in different cities so I started putting together these spontaneous 5Ks. It’s not about coaching people, it's about inspiring them.

"I love that when I ask: "Who’s running for the first time?" The majority of the crowd raises their hands. And when they're done, they're motivated and excited and they say, “You know what? I'm not going to let today be my last day.

” The reason why [the runs are] 5K is because everybody can run/walk/run/walk and finish, and I’m there at the finish line, high-fiving my people and saying, “Welcome to the movement.” I travel the world so this will be a global movement.

Hart stayed to the end of race and cheered on every single runner that finished after and him gave the last placed runner a huge hug at the end of the event, before taking a selfie of all the runners before disappearing off into the sunset.

Move With Kevin Hart

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