27/01/2016 04:29 GMT | Updated 28/01/2016 06:59 GMT

CIA Post Top Secret UFO "X-Files" Online

Those who believe the truth is out there will be pleased to know the CIA have posted a few formerly classified "X-Files" online.

The grand unveiling came as the new series of 'X-Files' kicked off earlier this week and in its post, the US agency helpfully referred to what Scully and Mulder would do.

The documents, dating back to the late 1940s and 1950s, were declassified in 1978 and they include reports of sightings in East Germany, Spain and North Africa.

One report, published in 1952, details a witness account of a "smoke trailing object over Barcelona."


"As I crossed over Jose Antonio Avenue on my way to the newspaper office, I saw a strange object flying at high speed from the direction of Prat Airport, about 2,000 metres above ground and leaving a wide smoke trail," the witness states in the report.

"It did not look like an aircraft... and unlike the so-called flying saucers it was proceeding in a straight line, without emitting flashes of light or revolving on an axis."

Other images of UFOs captured on camera in England also made the CIA's posts which fell into two categories: "Top 5 CIA documents Mulder would love to get his hands on" and "top 5 CIA documents Scully would love to get her hands on."

In order to ensure they were serving the greater good, the agency also posted tips on "how to investigate a flying saucer."

Here are their top 10 points of advice:

  • Establish a group to investigate and evaluate sightings
  • Determine the objectives of your investigation
  • Consult with experts
  • Create a reporting system to organize incoming cases
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Develop methodology to identify common aircraft and other aerial phenomena often mistaken for UFOs
  • Examine witness documentation
  • Conduct controlled experiments
  • Gather and test physical and forensic evidence
  • Discourage false reporting