Police Issue Warning Over Facebook 'Hacking' Scam

Police have asked Facebook users to be aware of scam artists fooling people into handing over personal information such as bank account details.

Hackers have been posting misleading adverts on timelines, fooling the victim's friends into thinking the post, which normally promises money, is genuine.

Northumbria police have issued a warning urging for caution.

Once someone 'likes' the fraudulent post, they message the "friend" who posted the ad without realising they are contacting the scammer.

"A man then makes contact and offers two 'opportunities,'" Northumbria police said.

"The first is that he has a business that can obtain Government funding and he can claim money on their behalf and split the fund.

"In the second he states that he has a mobile phone business and requires new phones to sell on."

Some victims have also had payday loans taken out in their name.

Incidents of fraud happening over the social media platform date back to 2014.

Police have asked for people to check such adverts with friends in person rather than online.