This Woman Is 100% Certain She's A Cat Trapped In A Human's Body

A 20-year-old Norwegian woman claims she is a cat stuck in a human body.

Nano, from Oslo, claims she suffers from the bizarre affliction because of a genetic defect, and first realised she was a cat when she was 16.

Speaking to NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land, Nano said she hates water and exhibits various other cat-like beaviours such as enhanced reflexes.

"Sometimes I hiss when meeting dogs on the street," she said. "It’s only because of their behaviour and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing.

"I was born in the wrong species.

"It's also obvious that I’m a cat when I start purring and meowing. And walking around on four legs and stuff like that.

"I also love to sleep in the sink and in the windowsill."

Nano says she intends to live the rest of her life (or all nine of them) as a cat, although psychologists say she may grow out of it.