Snowboarding Kid Being Pulled By A Drone Is The Start Of An Incredible New Sport

Droneboarding is here, and while it's off to a slow start (quite literally), you can bet that it's going to stick around.

Full credit to Mashable for discovering this absolute gem of a YouTube video. In it a father has kitted out his kid in full snowboarding gear and then through the use of a tether used a quadcopter to then pull the kid along the snow.

OK so it's not going to win any land speed records anytime soon, but what's so cool is the principle of the thing. We've had fire-fighting drones, racing drones, heavy-lifting drones and even ambulance drones but never have we thought of attaching them to us as a form of propulsion.

The bad news is that currently, civilian drones are not that powerful, which is probably why he decided to tow his kid instead of himself.

But the principle is sound, you simply take a powerful enough quadcopter and rather than having one of the world's most annoying cameramen you've just bagged yourself a ticket to speed.

Watch, enjoy and start planning your next snowboarding holiday because who knows, by then Droneboarding will have finally kicked off.

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