Pregnant Women Guaranteed Seat On Virgin Trains And Can Choose Snacks From The 'Cravings Collection'

Pregnant Women Guaranteed Seat On Virgin Trains

Pregnant women will never have to stand on certain Virgin Trains again if they pick up a free 'mum pass'.

If there are no available seats mums-to-be need only flash their 'mum pass' at a member of on-board staff, and they will either make a seat in standard class available, or offer a seat in first class.

The service is available on Virgin’s West Coast Main Line services, which run between London, North Wales, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

'Mum passes' can be collected at Virgin ticket offices, where women will need to show their Mat B1 form and provide a passport photo.

But the guaranteed pass isn't the only thing Virgin has in store for expectant mums. They are also trialling a new selection of food called the “Cravings Collection” on selected services between Manchester and Euston.

The few mums who do experience a craving for charcoal will be delighted to learnt hey can get charcoal biscuits on the move, and more common cravings are also catered for, with Marmite, anchovies, ginger biscuits and of course, chocolate on the menu.

The creation of the 'mum pass' follows repeated reports from pregnant women who have been forced to stand while travelling on public transport, after facing angry responses from passengers who are unwilling to give up their seat.


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