'Fireball Meteor' Spotted Lighting Up The Eastern US Skies

A meteor lighting up the U.S. skies on Saturday evening was caught on camera by several witnesses.

According to The American Meteor Society, it "was seen from primarily New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but witnesses from Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Delaware, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and even Ontario also reported seeing the fireball."

Alexander Salvador, caught the meteor zooming across the sky on his dashcam while driving in Falls Church, Virginia and posted the video on YouTube.

Speaking to ABC News he described the event as "Startling. Even unnerving, maybe."

"It seemed close, big, and definitely on fire with a tail."

Another witness, Adrian Burns, also captured a similar video while travelling through Lancaster, Ohio. Posting it on YouTube, he described the meteor as " very bright."

On Sunday, The American Meteor Society said it had received more than 300 reports of a bright fireball sighting.