Woman Shows Husband Exactly What's On Her Mind In Hilarious Doodle

Healthy relationships are built on open communication and trust. So when one man asked his wife to draw what was on her mind, she decided that honesty was the best policy.

So, she drew him a detailed mind map offering an insight to the many, many concerns she has on a daily basis.

From taking her kids to Disney to needing to clean under the fridge, the doodle is full of the mundane and hilarious.

Prepare to be mesmerised.

While many Redditors found the funny side, others believed the drawing was a great way to strengthen a marriage.

"This is a cool idea for communicating all the little things that you're thinking/worrying about that, on their own, aren't big enough to bother talking about but, altogether, add up to stress. I like it."

"This is exactly why I write lists of things I need to do. Everything seems so overwhelming to think about at once, but it feels so good to cross something out."

Another wrote: "Take this window into her mind and use it to make her happy. But do it as secretly as possible. She handed you a cheat sheet and I hope you use it... Could you imagine how happy she'd be if she woke up to a clean(er), quiet(er) house tomorrow?"

Let's just hope the husband's name is Stephen. Otherwise that could be awkward.

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