Milk Tray Man Returns To Continue Reign Of Confectionary-Based Terror

A prolific criminal long since thought to have died appears to have resurfaced to continue his reign of confectionary-based terror.

The Milk Tray Man rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s with a series of daring raids on the homes of vulnerable single females.

In one such incident he is believed to have distracted a shark with a Freddo bar before climbing aboard a yacht and leaving a box of chocolates with his characteristic calling card.

In another he went to the elaborate length of staging a helicopter crash before using a parachute to mask his entry into the house of a woman already terrified by an electrical storm.

Despite the unnerving crime spree - many of which were even filmed and broadcast on TV - no one has ever been charged with a crime.

With the announcement of his return, fears have been raised that his crime spree will continue.

What is even more disturbing is he appears to have broad public support.

Milk Tray Man has been tentatively identified as 39-year-old Patrick McBride of Liverpool.