'Idiot UK Driver' Angry About DVLA Clamping His 'Motor' Attacks It With Sledgehammer So They Can't Sell It

'Idiot' Driver Shows Viewers Exactly How You Shouldn't React To A Clamping

A British driver has been filmed wrecking his car after returning home to find the DVLA had clamped it.

In footage posted to website 'Idiot Uk Drivers Exposed' the unknown man tells the camera that he had "come home today to find out the DVLA... mother's c***... went and put me a nice big wheel clamp on the front of my motor".

The man sighs as he looks over his car, saying "look at me bit of red bug, eh", before telling the camera, "so let me show you something".

A British man has been filmed destroying his car so the DVLA could not sell it at auction to recover his debt

He then explains that the DVLA should have sent him a reminder about his debt, as he isn't going to pay money to get this "scrap heap".

The man then slashes the car's tyres, before climbing inside and slashing the seats and dashboard, and kicking at the gearbox. He then unsuccessfully attempts to pull the steering wheel off.

Undeterred, he steps outside the car and breaks off the window wipers. He then opens the bonnet, before retrieving a sledgehammer from the boot.

The man attacks the engine of his car with a sledgehammer

"And they're gonna take it to auction to sell it. Sell my motor to get their money," he explains, before swinging the hammer into the engine, parts of which then break off.

"Get money off me," the man mutters. "Think I'm short for a quid."

The man concludes the wrecking spree by saying, "good luck with that DVLA".


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