A Mobility Scooter Broke A World Record By Going Over 100mph

A mobility scooter that would scare the pants off just about anyone has won a Guinness World Recordafter travelling at a speed of 107.6 mph, making it the fastest Rascal the world has ever seen.

You won't be able to buy this particular model for you grandpa - everything except the outer shell was purpose-built by mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine.

Featuring an 80 horsepower 600cc Suzuki engine and racing slick tires, the record busting scooter took six months to build and requires a lot of expert handling to get around the track.

The run actually occurred in August 2014, but Guinness only just got around to certifying it.

But you won't see the speedy scooter nipping to your nearest bingo hall any time soon - Hine and Anderson are unable to have it certified for road use because it doesn't have any front brakes.