World Records

Researchers were stunned when they discovered a species of seagrass had effectively cloned itself and covered nearly 80 square miles.
Englishman Matt Everard’s tuk tuk has smashed the record for the fastest in the world after breaking the 100mph (160kph) barrier. The previous record stood at 68mph (109.5kph). The tuk tuk was made in 1971 and Matt bought the vintage three-wheeler on eBay.
We rounded up the week's best news stories, from a new world record for half-pipe ski-jumping to quadruplet meerkats sharing a birthday cake.
Instagram's most liked photo ever, the World Record Egg, has been revealed to be part of a mental health campaign. The egg, known as Eugene, dethroned Kylie Jenner as “Queen of Instagram” back in early January 2019.
From scoring a basket with a back somersault, to solving a Rubik’s cube upside down, a whole bunch of new world records have been set and broken.
So. Many. Very. Good. Dogs.
The news that more than 500 adorable border collie doggos were congregating in the one place, where you unfortunately didn’t
The manufacturer claims the Flyboard Air can fly at a height of 3,000 metres.
US Military soldiers could soon be entering the battlefield on hoverboards, after a leading manufacturer was sold to a supplier