Incredible Six-Month-Old Baby Becomes 'Youngest Ever Water Skier In The World' And Breaks World Record

And she couldn't even walk yet...

A six-month-old baby girl has reportedly broken the world record for being the youngest water skier in the world.

Zyla St Onge managed to glide a whopping 686ft (209m) feet along Lake Silver in Florida on Saturday 21 May 2016.

The baby girl tightly gripped the handlebars and managed to stand up the whole way - even though she hasn't yet learned to walk.

She had her professional water skiing parents nearby, following her journey through the water.

Zyla with her mum and dad (R)
Zyla with her mum and dad (R)

According to the World Barefoot Center Ski School, Zyla managed to beat the previous world record holder by a mere 48 hours.

Parks Bonifay reportedly skied 100 feet in 1982, aged six months and 29 days. Zyla was just six months and 27 days.

"Check out our youngest skier at the World Barefoot Center, and now, the youngest skier in the world," they wrote on Facebook.

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