St Valentine's Day: From Richard Gere In 'Breathless' To Burt Lancaster On The Beach, The Best Kisses On Film

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, and the loved-up amongst us psyching ourselves up for another attempt to come up with the romantic goods, Getty Images is spreading a little love themselves - either by way of encouragement for the aforementioned, or as a way of living vicariously for the rest of us.

From the self-contained vibes of John and Yoko to Marilyn Monroe's universal gesture, the Getty Images research team have searched its archive of over 200 million assets and delivered the best of their kissing snaps - which, bearing in mind they've been going strong for 21 years and have amassed more than 80 million pictures in their archive, is quite a lot of puckering up to go through.

From a perfectly planned embrace under the studio lights, or a spontaneous pash just because... Getty have given us a bit of everything, but which is your favourite smooch? Let us know below...

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