Susan Sarandon's Son Miles Robbins Brings His A-Game To The 'Zoolander 2' Premiere

There are people who know how to dress for the occasion, and then there are people who know how to dress for the occasion - Susan Sarandon’s son Miles Robbins is the latter.

Miles, who is an actor and musician, brought his A-game while accompanying Susan to the New York premiere of ‘Zoolander 2’, sporting, well, see for yourself…

Susan and Miles strike a pose

It’s quite something, isn’t it?

Miles didn’t quite pull off the iconic blue steel stare while posing up a storm on the red game, but who cares when the custom blazer is as fabulous as this?

Susan's outfit was also suitably eye-catching

The 23-year-old paired his statement jacket with white tights and patent leather shoes.

Zoolander himself gives Miles' ensemble the seal of approval

Quite frankly, we’re very big fans of this look.

Miles has previously spoken out about his own style choices, writing a blog for The Huffington Post, in which he bemoaned gender boundaries.

“I wear dresses on stage and to occasional fancy dress events because I do not enjoy neckties,” he wrote. “I wear dresses to embrace femininity (adjective) but not to re-assign my gender to female (noun).”

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