'Yoga Girl' Rachel Brathen Poses With A Baby Goat On Her Back And It's Beyond Impressive

In 2015, performing downward dog with a cat roaming around your legs was all the rage. Now, one talented yogi has seriously upped the cute stakes when it comes to yoga with animals.

Introducing Rachel Brathen, the Swedish-born yoga teacher who completes poses with her adorable baby goat, Penny.

Brathen, who now lives on the Dutch Caribbean island Aruba, posts updates of her antics with Penny to her 1.8 million followers on her Instagram account @yoga_girl.

She received Penny as a gift from her husband last Christmas and has been inseparable from the rescue goat ever since.

"All she wants to do is sit on our laps and watch TV and climb things (only one candle holder broken so far!) and chill on the couch looking cool with her underbite," she told her followers.

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Penny certainly isn't camera shy - she's got her own Instagram account (@penny_thegoat) with more than 39,000 followers.

We can't handle the cuteness.

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