12/02/2016 07:26 GMT | Updated 12/02/2016 07:59 GMT

Monkeys Watching iPad Magic Is An Example Of Pure Joy

Magic tricks can be appreciated by all people of all ages, and as it turns out chimpanzees too. Magician Simon Pierro demonstrated his own special brand of iPad Magic to the chimps at the Schwabenpark in Germany.

While we suspect the potential for receiving treats played a major part in their enjoyment the fact is they still loved the high-tech form of entertainment even taking the iPad off Simon to investigate themselves.

As the World Wildlife Foundation points out, Chimpanzees are indeed our closest cousins, sharing around 98 per cent of our genes.


They're highly intelligent and highly social animals who will actively care for their elderly with some chimps living to be as old as 50-years old.

Despite their similarities to us Chimps are officially classed as an endangered species with just 172,700 expected to be alive in the wild around the globe.