Peter Trotman's Alternative Interactive Tube Map Shows You How Long It Takes To Travel Between Stations

The prayers of London Underground users have been answered with this alternative interactive Tube map that shows how long it will take to travel between stations.

The innovative design, developed by Peter Trotman, allows commuters to work out their quickest route by seeing accurate journey times between stations.

It also lets users see exactly how close each Underground station is to their starting point.

At first glance, the interactive map does look a bit daunting, but it the dot-to-dot journey time soon becomes easy to navigate.

Trotman explains on his website: "To use the map, you double click on any station on the map, or single-click any station in the table, to select that station.

"All other stations will then move so that their direction from the selected station is preserved, but moves closer to or further away based on how long it would take to get there.

"The rings that appear are at 5 minute intervals."

Trotman said that the time taken is calculated using average journey times from Transport for London, with an additional five minutes for each line change.

To see more of Trotman's work, visit

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