Photographer Captures Incredible Pictures Of Eagles In Epic 'Kung-Fu' Battle

Battling it out for the top spot these two juvenile eagles are at the beak of their fitness.

These spectacular pictures show how this pair of White-tailed eagles look like they're having a mid-air kung-fu fight in the snowy wilderness.

The explosive sequence shows how the birds literally flew at each other with beak and claw – before the loser is eventually forced onto its back and subdued by its rival. The dramatic moment was captured on camera by Dutch fitness instructor Harry Eggens, 63, near Kutno in Poland.

Eggens waited patiently disguised in a shelter for ten hours a day over an eight day period to witness the epic struggle for survival.

“A battle like this never lasts longer than a second or so,” he said. “They fought each other for the perfect spot to hunt for food.

“Fights like this do happen more often and there will be no blood flow. Just a loose feather every now and again.”

White-tailed eagles are the largest species of eagle in Europe and in 1918 they became an extinct species in Britain but in 1975 were reintroduced from Norway onto the Isle of Rum, off the west coast of Scotland.

“People love my shots and think they’re amazing, but they also think I’m a little crazy for being trapped in a shelter for such long periods. If you are patient with nature then nature will be patient with you.” Eggens said.

Fighting Eagles

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