16/02/2016 07:37 GMT | Updated 16/02/2016 11:59 GMT

Johal Singh Social Experiment Video Sees Homeless Man Give Away Food

When YouTuber Johal Singh went to film his latest social experiment video, he had no idea of the inspiring reaction that he would face.

The actor approached a rough-sleeper, asking him for food and telling him that he had family and financial problems.

Without a second thought the homeless man reaches into his bag and offers him his sandwich, before admitting he hasn't eaten for more than 24 hours.

Singh presented the man with money

"You haven't eaten since yesterday and you're still going to give me your food?" Singh asks the man, bewildered at his kindness.

The man responds with a simple yes while shrugging his shoulders.

Singh then asks the man if he has any money to give to him, which is when the man explains that he's been attempting to save for a new drivers license.

He says that he needs around $650 (£450) to renew his lorry permit, but only managed to gather $80 in (£55) in half a year.

Despite his effort to save money, he still offers the savings to Singh, in yet another display of his selflessness.


Singh then tells the man that he's going to come back in ten minutes, and goes to collect the money the man needs to receive his permit.

The YouTuber then presents him with $700 (£500), $50 more than he needed, and tells him to go and buy back his lorry license.

When questioned, the homeless man said that he used to be a truck driver but his license was suspended because he received too many tickets.

Singh told The Huffington Post UK that the man was in his late 40s and was named Richard. He said he had written his number down after they met, but has not heard from him since.

The video was published on 15 February and has already been viewed over 30,000 times.