17/02/2016 11:30 GMT | Updated 18/02/2016 11:59 GMT

21 Reasons Ant And Dec's New Sitcom Will Not Be Better Than 'Chums'

Ant and Dec have delighted fans with the news that they have a new TV sitcom planned, but long term followers of the Geordie duo know that they have already starred in the greatest situational comedy of our times - yes, we’re talking about ‘Chums’.

Taking off the hit US comedy ‘Friends’, the sketch show aired for over 100 episodes when they fronted ‘SM:TV Live’ alongside Cat Deeley between 1998 and 2001, and it soon became the best part of the Saturday morning kids show.

1. The opening titles were just like ‘Friends’, only funnier and with a lot less budget.

2. ‘Chums’ focused on Ant, Dec and Cat all living in a flat together, which was decorated to look like Monica’s apartment in ‘Friends’.

3. Dec and Cat were the perfect rivals to Ross and Rachel, as we all willed them to get together.

4. And every time they were “alone in the flat” and Dec would make a big speech about going to kiss her…

5. Only for them to interrupted at the last second, usually by Ant.

6. Our favorite such incident will always be when Sooty and Sweep emerged, having been invited over to the gaffe by Ant for a lads night in.

7. Every episode, they were joined by some amazing celebrity guests, with many stars scrambling over each other to appear on ‘Chums’.

8. Who could forget when Victoria Beckham appeared. Not once…

9. But twice!

10. Mariah Carey (!!!) also served as Cat’s bridesmaid.

11. While Jerry Springer also hosted his famous talk show from the ‘Chums’ flat.

12. At this point we’d also like to take a moment to appreciate this classic Mandy Holden moment.

13. It also featured Lorraine Kelly risking her reputation as the nicest woman on TV when she headbutted Ant.

14. The storylines were pretty ridiculous too - like when Ant got pregnant.

15. And when he pretended he’d lost the ability to blink, and Dec decided to hold a celebrity fundraiser to fund an operation to cure him.

16. Fifteen years on, and we can still remember all the words to ‘Blink For Ant’.

17. The freeze-frames at the end of each episode were always a disaster, as the narrator’s words would invariably have the trio in stitches.

18. The final episode was totally emotional, as Dec walked out on his bride Cat on their wedding day, after the boys quit ‘SM:TV’.

19. However, fans FINALLY got to see them kiss. And what a kiss it was.

20. And unlike ‘Friends’, the trio came together for a proper reunion two years later, starring in a new episode to mark the end of ‘SM:TV’.

21. Sorry Ant and Dec, but you will never better ‘Chums’.

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