Duchess Of Cambridge Gets Down To Work As Guest Editor Of HuffPost UK For #YoungMindsMatter

Pictures Show Duchess Getting Down To Work As Guest Editor Of HuffPost UK

The Duchess of Cambridge has called on Britain to view children's mental health as being "every bit as important as their physical health" as she began her guest editorship of the Huffington Post UK.

Writing a blog to mark her role at the helm of the news site, she spoke about the psychological wellbeing of her own children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, saying she and William "would not hesitate to seek help for our children if they needed it".

The Duchess of Cambridge working in the 'news room' at Kensington Palace with HuffPost UK executive editor James Martin

The Duchess sat down to a morning editorial conference at Kensington Palace with Huffington Post UK editor-in-chief Stephen Hull, journalists and leaders from some of Britain's leading mental health charities to launch Young Minds Matter, a series focusing on children's mental health.

Her Royal Highness has helped commission articles, blogs and videos to raise awareness about the psychological wellbeing of the nation's children for the series.

First Lady Michelle Obama also supported the series by writing a blog calling for us to "change the conversation around mental health".

Jonny Benjamin, who was behind the #FindMike campaign to find the stranger who stopped him from taking his own life, blogged on how he felt unable to talk about his problems when he was young, while HuffPost UK executive editor Poorna Bell wrote about the loss of her husband from suicide and what much be done to help children now.

Other pieces under the editorship of the Duchess included profiles of the inspiring activists as young as eight who are tackling problems like anxiety and depression among young people, a video showing teenagers revealing how they overcame their struggles as children, and look at how mindfullness is being used in schools to teach children to be "present in the moment".

The Duchess Of Cambridge Guest Edits The Huffington Post

Young Minds Matter is a new series designed to lead the conversation with children about mental and emotional health, so youngsters feel loved, valued and understood. Launched with Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, as guest editor, we will discuss problems, causes and most importantly solutions to the stigma surrounding the UK’s mental health crisis among children. To blog on the site as part of Young Minds Matter email ukblogteam@huffingtonpost.com


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