Riversimple Rasa Is A British-Built Hydrogen Car For The Future That Produces Nothing But Water

Riversimple Rasa - An Ultra-Effecient Hydrogen Car That Makes Nothing But Water

The Riversimple Rasa is not your average car, and we're not just talking about how it looks.

The Riversimple Rasa is an ultra-efficient hydrogen car for the city.

While your average car produces huge quantities of a delightful mix containing carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and un-burnt hydrocarbons, the Rasa produces only one ingredient: water.

That's because this is a hydrogen car, powered by a pressurised container of the stuff which when passed through a "Proton Exchange Membrane" results in two ingredients being created, electricity and water.

The electricity is then used to power the wheels while the water is simply released back into the world. It's a blissfully simple idea that can power the Rasa to 60mph and see it travel a full range of around 300-miles.

Riversimple is not expecting you to take the Rasa for a long drive though, instead it believes this can be the city car of the future, weaving through London's polluted roads and taking you guilt-free from A to B without the need for a bicycle.

Developed in the UK, Riversimple says the Rasa is a forward-thinking hydrogen car not only because it's so light (just 580 kg) but also because of its efficiency in using the hydrogen - it can manage a massive 250mpg.

So how can you get your hands on one of these? Well there are 20 cars set to be trialled this year in a pre-production test run, the car is then scheduled for full production in 2018.

Riversimple isn't taking a unique approach to paying for the Rasa as well, instead of paying a one-off fee, the company is charging £500 a month which gets you the car and free refills of hydrogen.

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