Man Summons Tesla Using His Apple Watch

YouTube user Mark Schey has shown off an incredible new feature for the Tesla Model S which allows him to remotely summon his car using an app on his Apple Watch.

The new feature is called 'Summon' and allows a driver to call their Tesla Model S out of a garage or a parking space entirely by remote control.

Using the array of self-driving sensors on the Model S, the feature can be tied into a range of other apps including in this case the Remote S for Tesla app.

By combining the two features the driver was able to simply open up the app on his Apple Watch, press 'Summon Tesla' and watch as the app commanded the garage door to automatically raise and then for the Model S to back out of the garage onto the driveway.

Of course you don't have to stop there, the Model S also lets you pre-set the heating in the car before you've even go out of bed. There's also a new 'Autopilot' feature which allows the Model S to steer itself under supervision on motorways,

Drivers can then tell the car to change lanes by moving the indicator stalk left or right. The car then checks its surrounding and moves over.

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