'Compassionate' Donald Trump Is Nice To Refugees And Welcomes Them Stay At His Hotel

Maybe Donald Trump does not want to ban all Muslims from the United States after all? Maybe he has changed his tune and does not view refugees as a security threat?

"Just look at the faces of these people, the families, the children. They're frightened. They're not criminals. They're not terrorists. They are just normal people," he said on Fox News.

Only, of course, he did not say that. It is just comedian Peter Serafinowicz dubbing an interview given by the frontrunner in the Republican race to be president with Bill O'Reilly to create 'Compassionate' Trump.

Compassionate Trump added in the TV appearance that he is willing to house hundreds of Syrians in his New York skyscraper."It's safe, you can take a shower, there's a pillow menu," he said. "They are fleeing from a terrible situation and they have nowhere to go. They're our fellow humans."

It is unlikely Compassionate Trump would go down well with real-life Trump with supporters in South Carolina - the scene of the next Republican primary.

A recent poll showed that 33% of Trump supporters in the state think Islam should be illegal in the United States and 31% support a ban on gay people entering the country.