The Corrections On This Kid's Homework Are Baffling

The Corrections On This Kid's Homework Are Baffling

A teacher marking a child's school task to match words with their definitions has left us a bit baffled.

The teacher marked two answers wrong on the sheet, where the pupil got the definitions for "twinkle" and "sparkle" mixed up.

Apparently there is a key difference between what these words mean. Who knew?

The girl's test paper was shared on imgur by her relative and it sparked an elaborate discussion about the difference between the two terms.

"Wait, I remember this from school," one user wrote. "All twinkles sparkle, but not all sparkles twinkle. There's a difference."

"As someone with almost a grad degree, I feel sparkle has more quick flashes of light," another wrote. "But in any sense, this is f***ing stupid."

Others are pretty certain that they are exactly the same.

"There's no difference, and why does it matter anyway?!"

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