With Twin Peaks' Imminent Return, We Count Down The Top 10 Wackiest Characters From Original Series


It's been a startling 26 years since the inside edges of David Lynch's extraordinary imagination were put on display with the debut of his ground-breaking drama 'Twin Peaks'.

As with the director's big screen offerings ('Blue Velvet','Mulholland Drive'), 'Twin Peaks' is a deceptively ordinary tale of small-town life, surveyed through an increasingly surreal lens. Following the death of homecoming queen Laura Palmer and the attach on another girl, an FBI agent arrives to explore the truths of the small Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks, and uncover who would have wanted to harm them. What he finds out is that no one is quite who they appear to be.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated return of the multi-Award-winning show, the entire original series is available for another watch on Sky Box Sets. To mark the spotlight being shone again on this show that many credit for beginning the golden age of TV, we count down the top 10 most unusual residents of Twin Peaks.

10. Dr Hayward

Twin Peaks' Weirdest Characters

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Madchen Amick starred as Shelly Johnson...

'Twin Peaks': Where are They Now?

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