David Lynch

It's a real test of patience, and some fans of the original iteration will probably find themselves disappointed. But if you're willing to invest the time, the pay-off that The Return delivers is huge. The unprecedented originality and vision of Lynch is worth the investment of 18 hours.
Twin Peaks, David Lynch's iconic TV series, is returning to our screens after it went missing for almost three decades. First broadcast in 1990, the show became a cult classic and is celebrated by fans and TV scholars alike.
It's been more than a quarter of a century since the show began.
After nearly a quarter of a century, it’s back. ‘Twin Peaks’ finally made its way back onto US television screens last night
It is easy to forget in the Netflix age, but Twin Peaks was a big deal, especially during its first season. I can vouch absolutely for mornings spent analysing the town's strange events with the office typing pool at the water cooler.
David Lynch has recruited many of the original stars.
You may have detected the distinctive whiff of excitement among those North Western pines - because, after 25 years and a
In preparation for the new series premiere, I have of course revisited the whole damn original run. My recent binge-watching has been the first time I've seen Twin Peaks in its entirety for over a decade.
    Two new tease-trailers have appeared for the much-anticipated new series of ‘Twin Peaks’, and keen-eyed fans will soon