23/02/2016 08:14 GMT | Updated 23/02/2016 09:59 GMT

BBC Breakfast Outgoing Presenter Bill Turnbull Claims Brits Are 'Embarrassed To Have Faith'

BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull believes it's easier to be a committed Church-goer in the United States than in the UK, where he claims "people have to apologise for having faith".

Bill, set to make his departure from the breakfast sofa after 15 years, tells the Radio Times that one of his plans for his new lifestyle will be to attend Church more often.

Bill Turnbull is leaving BBC Breakfast after 15 years

“I always say I have faith. I have very strong beliefs. But we are embarrassed in Britain about [saying that]. When we lived in America it was the exception not to go to church. Church was absolutely packed and it was wonderful. But here there’s something about our culture that makes people feel as if they have to apologise for having faith.

"I think people are actually a lot more religious than they let on. I think secretly, within their hearts, they have beliefs that they keep to themselves.”

Bill seen with former co-host Susanna Reid

He adds of his time in the US: "I prefer the fact that there you don’t have to apologise for being religious. I don’t know why people want to make you feel so awkward about having belief. I don’t understand it. Sometimes here if you express a belief in God, people will say: ‘Oh I’m sorry, I just swore.'"

Bill's post-breakfast plans will include presenting 'Songs of Praise', plus a new daytime quiz show called 'Think Tank', plus other projects that may come his way. Although he says he expects to weep when he makes his final goodbye to BBC Breakfast later this week, one thing he won't miss is the 3.35am starts - although he's used to it, and has only slept in twice in 15 years.

Read the full interview with Bill here.

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