bill turnbull

Susanna was not sure how to react after Bill referenced her former GMB co-host during Monday's show.
Including wardrobe malfunctions, impromptu swearing and a few unpredictable celebrity guests.
The two worked together on BBC Breakfast until she defected to ITV in 2014.
“They failed to understand the stigma of the ruling for Naga. It’s a mark on your record forever."
He returned to 'BBC Breakfast' for an interview on Friday.
"We’ve got an awfully long way to go, but for the moment I’m feeling OK."
The former 'BBC Breakfast' host said he is 'totally overwhelmed' by the love and support he's received.
'It wasn’t a bad dream... and that takes a lot of dealing with.'
Piers Morgan needed his ego stroking as she welcomed her former co-host to the show.
They say you shouldn’t ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to, and that was something Piers Morgan found out