Katie Price Reveals Peter Andre Won't Let Daughter Princess Get Her Ears Pierced

Katie Price has revealed her ex-husband Peter Andre's stance on whether or not Princess should get her ears pierced.

The mum-of-five, who came under fire for getting one-year-old Bunny's ears pierced, said her eight-year-old daughter would love to get hers done too.

But unfortunately Andre doesn't agree.

"She won't be getting them pierced at the moment as I don’t think her dad’s keen and I respect that," Price, who is also mum to Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, and Jett, two, told OK! Magazine.

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Peter Andre and eight-year-old Princess

Price and her husband Kieran Hayler were discussing the topic of ear piercing with the magazine, to explain why they got Bunny's done.

Hayler said it was part of his Spanish culture and tradition.

"I’m so bored of people going on about it," he said.

"It’s good to clear it up now, though. Basically, it’s our decision as parents and Kate and I talked about it together."

Katie Price's youngest child one-year-old Bunny

At the time, Price faced a backlash when posting images on Instagram showing her daughter's new earrings.

"You have put holes in your child for vanity and not waited until they are old enough to decide for themselves," one person commented on the photo. "This is a selfish decision."

Others agreed with Price, adding: "I've got three girls and when my first two were little I had theirs done at six months. They are done both at the same time so less pain."

Price also spoke about her husband's wife Emily MacDonagh in the interview, adding that she was a good influence on her kids.

"I'm so happy Pete's with someone like Emily. I think she's good for the kids, she added.

"She's really feminine and she isn't gobby like me and that's what I want my kids to be around. If my kids were around another person like me, I'd be like 'Oh My God!' It'd be nuts."

See the full interview in OK! magazine.

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