Peter Andre

Rebekah gave an interview in 2004 criticising the singer's anatomy after a purported sexual encounter.
"We talk about all sorts of things, about mental health, about being kind and about all that sort of stuff, and nothing seems to change."
The 16-year-old has revealed how his musical journey began six months ago, with a bit of help from his dad.
"What I tend to do in those situations is sabotage myself.”
Baga Chipz as Kim Woodburn? Sam Thompson as Rachel Riley? Lady Leshurr as Big Narstie? Bring. It. On.
The singer urged Good Morning Britain viewers to not ignore their symptoms, after contracting coronavirus at the start of this year.
The 18-year-old was rushed to hospital last week, and spent a number of days in intensive care.
The reality star and singer will perform the hits of Jackson in the West End production.