Mum Finds 'Cat Toy' In Son's Room, Tries To Sell It, Learns It's Actually A Fluffy Wolf Tail Buttplug

Take a look at this Craigslist ad. Notice anything strange?

Yes, that's right. That's not a cat toy.

Let's be candid - it's a buttplug.

The ad reads: "My son went off to college and while cleaning his room I ran across this old cat toy under his bed. I tried to use it on my cat but I think the catnip wore off because it doesn't sniff at it any more after I washed it. My husband said to just sell everything that was left."

We want so badly to believe that this is actually an innocent mother who hasn't realised her son is into kinky sex stuff, but sadly it looks like it's just a joke. The Daily Dot found the exact same picture on a Twitter post from 2014, so it's probably just someone having a little fun.

But still - it's a very funny ad.

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