26/02/2016 05:22 GMT | Updated 26/02/2016 05:59 GMT

NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Captures Frozen Canyons Of Pluto's North Pole

Pluto's mysterious plains have been put under the spotlight again as NASA's New Horizons spacecraft captured another stunning image of the dwarf planet's "ethereal scene."

The space agency's picture depicts Pluto's North Pole in beautiful detail showing frozen canyons running vertically, quite near to the polar area.

In the annotated image below, the widest canyon, about 45 miles wide, is marked in yellow.

On the canyon floor is a valley that runs the entire length, marked in the image above as a blue squiggle.


Either side of the main yellow region are two smaller canyons, approximately six miles wide.

The spacecraft also captured pits, around 45 miles wide, marked in red at the bottom right hand corner of the image.

"These pits may indicate locations where subsurface ice has melted or sublimated from below, causing the ground to collapse," the space agency noted.