Tom Hollander Reveals His ‘Night Manager' Co-Star Tom Hiddleston Once Peed On Him After Jellyfish Incident

So... Tom Hiddleston Once Peed On One Of His Co-Stars

Unexpected celebrity anecdotes are always fun, and they don’t get much better than ‘The Night Manager’ star Tom Hollander revealing that Tom Hiddleston once peed on him. Yes, really.

The actor makes the revelation on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, in an episode which is set to air tonight (Saturday 27 February).

Tom Hollander

Thankfully, Hiddleston’s actions weren’t some sort of random attack, as Hollander tells to Jonathan.

Speaking about the incident that occurred while they were filming their new BBC1 drama in Mallorca, Tom explains: “The jellyfish incident was a sad tale because otherwise it was paradise until we went swimming and I, because I’m a gentlemen, lent Elizabeth Debicki my goggles which I’d brought to Mallorca because I knew about the jellyfish problem, but she didn’t have any so she wore them.

“I swam into all the jellyfish and I don’t know if you’ve ever been stung but it’s really, really painful.

“Guess who peed on me? Tom Hiddleston, he saw this, he is heroic and sort of Bond like. “

The duo are currently leading the all-star 'The Night Manager' cast

“He’s officer class, he’s someone you want to stand next to as you go over the top in the First World War,” he continues. “Out of the corner of my eye someone with sharp strokes cutting through the water, Hiddleston had seen I was in trouble, he came out to me, I was standing on a rock submerged in just a few feet of water and he said, ‘It’s alright. Stand back, I know what to do’, and he said, ‘Where is it?’

“Tom had done what he needed to do which was to p*ss all over me. And I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t actually work.”

Tom Hiddleston

Well… it’s good to know you can rely on Mr Hiddleston in a crisis, right?

The first episode of ‘The Night Manager’ was a huge hit with TV fans last weekend, and many argued that the show proved why Hiddleston should be the next James Bond.

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