Kiddle Aims To Be 'Google' Search Engine For Kids

A new search engine, Kiddle, has been unveiled as a site that aims to give children "family friendly" results.

The site has a Google Custom Search bar embedded in the middle of the page with multicoloured font that makes it look remarkably like Google's search page.

While Kiddle has not been produced by the search giant, it does aim to give children the ability to search the internet safely.

Kiddle uses a Google Custom Search bar

For example, key words such as sex, shit or guns, brings up the message "oops looks like your query contained some bad words," excluding web links.

Kiddle states that it will "filter sites with explicit or deceptive content and each query will return results in a specific order.

The first one to three results will typically include "safe sites and pages" written specifically for kids.

The next four to seven links will be to "trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand."

The last batch of results will link to "famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand."

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