Justin Bieber Turns 22: We Celebrate The Year-Long Redemption Of Pop's Rescued Bad Boy

As Justin Bieber celebrates turning 22 today, he can celebrate a successful turnaround of a career that, only a year ago, looked as though it was sadly skidding off the tracks, amid the chaos of a DUI arrest, over-loud parties, and even international incidents involving a monkey.

However, with perfect timing, the pop prince has turned it around since last year's milestone birthday, followed by his gracious reception of a Comedy Central Roast, when he assured the audience, "I look forward to being someone you're proud of... you have my word."

Justin Bieber gave his fans his word one short year ago

He announced this time as "a moment of change", but would he follow through? Well, judge for yourself from this list of events over the past 12 months...

  • Not going into a meltdown* when leaked pictures of his naked holiday bod found their way onto the internet. At this point, even dedicated non-fans of JB decided he deserved better treatment.
  • His fourth studio album, 'Purpose', went platinum, with its redemptive, self-aware message lapped up by Beliebers who had never lost the faith. "Is it too late now to say sorry?" he sang. Clearly not.
  • Performing at the MTV Video Music Awards, crying at the end in response to the crowd's enthusiastic reaction.
  • Watching his UK Christmas number one spot slide away from him, due to a NHS choir capturing the public imagination, and then supporting them on Twitter

Has there ever been a cuter +1 to the Grammys? Justin with his little brother Jaxon

  • Not slamming on-off girlfriend, now ex, Selena Gomez, in fact going the opposite way and pledging untiring affection.
  • Turning up to the Grammy Awards with his unbelievably cute little brother, and not leading him astray.
  • Laughing at himself on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. "What else can you do?"
  • Crediting the big man upstairs for his transformation in 'GQ'. "I feel like that's why I have a relationship with Him, because I need it."
  • Winning the BRIT Award for Best International Male. Duetting with James Bay and then stealing with the show with another tight choreographed performance. Hugging everyone. And behaving.
  • *Okay, there was one tiny little tanty in Oslo earlier in the year but, as he's right to remind us, he's only human.

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