Kris Jenner Admits To Feeling She 'Failed' Nicole Brown Simpson, As 'People vs OJ Simpson' Series Gains Pace

Kris Jenner has admitted to feelings of guilt over the death of her close friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, who was murdered almost 25 years ago.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she spoke about the court case, which saw her ex-husband Robert Kardashian on the legal defence team for OJ Simpson, who was found not guilty of murder.

Kris Jenner on Ellen

The reality star explained: “Me and some of her other close friends all were really surprised and shocked by it because we felt like we really failed her as a friend.

“You know, you go through this and you discover things about somebody, and it was horrible.”

Kris went on to explain that she was supposed to have lunch with Nicole on the day after her murder, adding: “She said she wanted to show me some things and talk about what was in her safe.

“And so now, unfortunately, it all makes sense that that’s what, probably, she wanted to reveal to me that next day, which broke my heart because I’ll always feel horrible that I didn’t pay enough attention.”

Nicole’s murder is currently back in the public’s consciousness thanks to the new TV drama, ‘American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson’, created by Ryan Murphy, who previously helmed ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’.

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