Room To Rent: Unicorns Seek London Flatmate For Home With 'Meditation Station And A Rainbow Gym'

There's a fantastic room to rent in London but you'll have to be a pretty special applicant to "fit the hooves", according to the other flatmates.

In a post on Facebook, Shaft Uddin - who identifies as being a Unicorn - has advertised for a flatmate to share his Crystal Castle home, in Tottenham, with three others, Lauren - who is "the personification of fabulous" - Cas and Buck.

The room is best suited to a "fabulous professional", and costs £570 a month according to Uddin, who listed his occupation as a freelance art director, illustrator, designer and director.

He wrote: "This will be a Crystal Castle where we can be fabulous and a calming soothing home, we have a meditation station and a Rainbow Gym and a dance studio!"

Smokers would not be considered, and no pets were allowed "unless its a white cat", the post reads.

A gallery of pictures that accompany the advertisement, show the flatmates enjoying the flat and its amenities while adorned with horns on their foreheads.

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