Victoria Beckham's Instagram Gif Sparks Debate About Body-Shaming Models

Victoria Beckham has faced further criticism for using 'too skinny' models to promote her fashion line.

The pop star-turned-designer posted gifs of models wearing clothes from her collection on Instagram, which amassed over 40 thousand likes each, but comments soon took a negative tone - with many users saying Beckham was setting a "bad example" to young girls.

Hundreds of Instagram users also left personal, body-shaming comments about Canadian model Chantal Habscheid's figure, until her own family to intervened.

Habscheid was described by commenters as "sick", "unhealthy" and gaunt.

The skinny shaming continued with people saying she was a "horrible example to young girls", accusing her of "promoting eating disorders" and even begging her to "please eat something".

Habscheid's own mother was forced to step in to defend her daughter. Posting under the username Cirque74, she wrote: "This model is beautiful, hard working and has genetics, like all of us, that predisposition her body to look a certain way.

"She happens to be very tall and very slim. Many would say she is lucky. Some are jealous they don't look like her.

"We should all love ourselves and appreciate the beauty we see. I happen to know her well. She is my beautiful daughter. I know eats healthily most of the time. She loves salads and veggies. She also eats chocolate and ice cream frequently.

"I hope you keep your hate and judgement to yourselves in the future and let a young girl enjoy her new found success. Let's all be nice spread love."

Habscheid's best friend, posting under the username of del.ephrem also spoke out against critics: "Many people in the comments are talking about someone they don't know. I do know her personally she's my best friend.

"Saying she's 'underweight' or a 'zombie' is ridiculous. Body shaming her is not right."

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