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Mother's Day 2017: 12 Of The Funniest Cards From Kids To Their Mums

When your children are young, one of the best things you can receive on Mother's Day is a homemade card explaining how much they love you.

But for some mums, this doesn't always go to plan.

Proving that kids will never fail entertain us, we've rounded up some of the funniest cards and poems children have written to their mums for Mother's Day.

Aren't they brilliant?

1. The slightly expletive card

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2. The back-handed compliment

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3. The fart blamer

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4. The one who can't decide what her mum is good at

Click 'next' to read inside the card.

Mother's Day Card

5. The one with a random herd of Godzillas

A sweet inscription alongside this glorious artwork of a herd of Godzillas destroying a city of Pterodactyls and giant pizza men. That's my boy :)

6. The one with a drawing that looks like a womb diagram

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7. The one that's a bit too honest

I am a divorced father with custody of my son. Here is his Mother's Day card to his mom.

8. The one crediting the brilliant pancakes

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9. The one that is simply adorable


10. The one that is slightly aggressive

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11. The one that gets straight to the point

It's next week not tomorrow.. just an FYI out there to everyone who forgets

12. The one for the step mum <3

My daughter lives with me (dad) and her step mom. She sees her mother every other weekend but realized she knew the answers to these questions better for her stepmom than for her mother and it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. This is a hard weekend for stepmom, especially the everyday ones. If you know a stepmom who does a great job be sure to tell them so..


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