Video Shows 'Pissed Off' Snake Attacking Chef After It Has Been Skinned And Gutted

A headless snake gave chefs a fright when it seemingly came back to life and appeared very "pissed off" minutes after it had been skinned and gutted.

Despite the snake having "nothing left", it lunges for the man preparing to cook it.

As the chef backs away he exclaims: "Look at him, he is mad. He is pissed off. That's one mad son of a bitch right there and he is gutted and dead."

The man points out that there is an identical snake on the chopping board, who has also been gutted and skinned, "but he's just lying there like a piece of dead wood".

The snake lunges at the man preparing to cook it despite it having no head or insides

He continues: "But this snake here. He ain't finished yet. He is mad. He Is pissed off."

The man then flips the snake over to reveal a slit the length of the reptiles body. The snake has no insides.

"I've gutted him, there's nothing left. All his insides are gone," the man explains to the camera.

"So two minutes later he's still up on the counter trying to be pissed off about it.

"Isn't that some crazy shit? I have killed and ate many snakes in my life, but I have never had one that would not die."

After the video was posted onto LiveLeak from an unknown location in the US, viewers hypothesised that the snake's slithering was simply a natural biological reflex.

One remarked: “By a classic definition, it is dead.

“But a snake’s neurological system includes motor roots at each vertebrae, meaning that it can continue to move even after the main brain and heart have been removed.

“The movement is nothing but the result of a biochemical reaction, once those chemicals are used up, it will stop.”

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