Your Baby Can Have Full Tattoo Sleeves (Without Going Under The Needle)

Ever gazed down at your beautiful baby and thought: I wonder what you'd look like with full tattoo sleeves?

Well, now you can satisfy your curiosity, without the use of a needle, thanks to one mum's fashion label.

Biker Tat Tee Bodysuit

Mum-of-four Tera's TotTude children's wear features tops with heart designs, flames, skulls, barbed wire and tribal tattoos for for $25 to $26 (£17.50 to £18.21).

"I heard countless times from mums how they wish there were more clothing options out there, especially for boys," explains Tera, from North Dakota, America.

"I am a mother to four girls and 0 boys, and while I agree there are definitely more choices for girls, I always had a hard time finding the look I was looking for for my daughters also.

"Every time I was shopping for clothes for my girls for an upcoming photo session or event, I wanted to find something unique, hip, and fun. Something that I had not seen before a million times."

"I simply wanted rockin' clothes and I could never find them, so I decided to make my own." Tera continued. "I started with petti dresses, which were a huge hit with my girls and their friends.

"I had lots of mums begging me to come up with something unique for boys, and I found it in tattoo sleeve shirts. They have been a huge hit and I love making them. I have a lot of other ideas swirling around in my head and I'm so excited for the future of my clothing line

"Our tattoo sleeve shirts are made with soft 100% jersey cotton shirts and nylon/spandex blend sleeves that are cool, comfy, breathable and rad."

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